Individual Life Saving Packs

SkyPACKS are aerodynamically engineered to float harmlessly to the ground, carrying a myriad of payloads to disaster victims who are in need. Instead of air dropping heavy pallet-sized rations, which are dangerous and require a cleared drop zone, recovery personnel, and force protection assets; SkyLIFE distributes our uniquely designed SkyPACKS which can drop anywhere ensuring that each individual has an opportunity to receive needed supplies.

SkyPACKS can be stored for up to 5 years, depending on payload, and will float if dropped in water. SkyPACKS are ideal for keeping people alive until traditional disaster relief efforts arrive.

Medical Pack photo.jpg

Benefits of SkyPACKS:

  • Lightweight

  • Floats safely to the ground

  • Dispersed over wide areas

  • Prevents hoarding

  • Custom payloads

  • Floats in water

  • Long shelf life (up to 5 yrs.)

  • Label can be customized

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Deployed From:

  • C-130

  • Casa 212

  • Skyvan

  • Sikorsky

  • Caravan

Example SkyPACKS