• SkyCOM audio cards revolutionize leaflet communications methodologies

  • Pre-recorded audio messages and embedded radio receiver provide a means of mass communication to people in disaster effected areas.

  • Messages can be recorded in native languages and dialects

  • Lightweight and compact size, fits in all SkyPACKS

  • Messaging can be loaded by customer prior to delivery, and changed once system has already been delivered

  • Live audio broadcast allows for instant transmission of messages and updates

  • Despite damage done to television transmitters or cell phone networks, radio broadcasts can spread up-to-date emergency broadcasts to even the most remote locations

Benefits of SkyCOM:

  • Replacement for printed information leaflets

  • Lightweight

  • Water resistant

  • Easy to operate

  • Printed instructions in multiple languages

  • Custom features for NGO’s

  • Room for customization and improvements

Current Features:

  • Playback of pre-recorded message up to 20x

  • Continuous fm broadcast receipt

  • Printed or label wrapped messaging

  • Scatterable airdrop distribution

  • Hand distribution

  • Lightweight < 3 oz.

  • Dimensions 3” x 6”

  • Wireless transfer of messaging / reloading of message

Dams in Pack.png