Small Cargo Delivery

Skybox was created for large or fragile items that need to be safely delivered. Unlike our Pop-Top Box, SkyBOX dose not open in mid-flight, rather it floats harmlessly to the ground under special parachutes.

Generally, these boxes weigh less than 55 pounds (24.9 kg), but custom delivery boxes can be designed by our SkyDESIGN Team (Engineering department).

By adjusting the box size, the parachute configuration and even the amount and type of absorption materials, the most fragile payloads can be safely delivered.

Certified by the United Nations


Benefits of SkyBOX:

  • Can be designed to deliver anything up to 55 lbs.

  • Delivers large or fragile items including liquids

  • Lands within specifically targeted drop zones

  • Rapid deployment that can reach remote locations

  • Safer than 2,000 lbs. pallet air drops

  • Custom; engineered boxes, parachutes, harnesses, and absorption materials, are specifically designed for each payload

  • Saves money, saves lives and provides hope...

location of parachute.JPG

Deployed From:

  • C-130

  • Casa 212

  • Skyvan

  • Sikorsky

  • Caravan