Remote Packaging System

The most difficult part of humanitarian logistics is the “Last Mile.”

However, using The SkyLIFE Company's unique Remote Packing System (RPS), completed aid packs can be pre-positioned in locations for an immediate response within hours of a disaster.

By stockpiling SkyPACKS with a local labor force, using payloads from regional vendors, emergency crews can be assured of being able to respond when their country needs them.

Packs going thru RPS.png

Benefits of RPS:

  • Load specially tailored payload

  • Use local labor force

  • Use local suppliers

  • Preposition SkyPACKS and SkyBOX

  • Customized label can be added to SkyPACKS

  • SkyLIFE Field Service Team (FST)

    • Helps set up production facility

    • Trains local employees


RPS Design:

The SkyLIFE RPS has been designed to allow aid providers to set up a SkyLIFE pack production facility in remote areas. The system is designed to run on either 120VAC or 240VAC. An all-electric option is available for locations where pneumatic systems are undesirable. Power can be supplied via local mains or by the optional gasoline or diesel generator.