Pop-Top Box

Skypack Deployment System

To ensure effective dispersal of the SkyPACKS, they are packed in and deployed from Pop-Top Boxes. Depending on the content of the SkyPACKS, each Pop-Top Box can contain between 80-100 SkyPACKS.

The Pop-Top Box was engineered to open and disperse SkyPACKS in the air while using the lid as a parachute.


Benefits of Pop-Top Box:

  • Designed to reliably disperse SkyPACKS over a wide area
  • Box floats gently to the ground after dispersal posing no danger to people or property
  • No external parachutes required – faster assembly and less cost
  • Boxes may be stored flat to save warehouse space or pre-assembled and filled to save response time
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Deployed From:

  • C-130
  • Casa 212
  • Skyvan
  • Sikorsky
  • Caravan