The SkyLIFE Journey


The SkyLIFE journey began in 2010 after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti. One of the worst natural disasters of all time, reduced much of the country to rubble and took the lives of thousands of innocent people.

The initial quake was devastating, but what was even more shocking were the valiant but ineffective relief efforts in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. We watched helplessly as thousands more people died as a result of being unable to receive vital aid that was stacked up at overcrowded ports and airfields. Many main roads were blocked by debris, rendering them impassable for trucks loaded with relief supplies. Even with the monumental global response that was mounted, tens of thousands of initial survivors lost their lives because aid could not be delivered across “the last mile.”

It was while witnessing these challenges in Haiti that our Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Potter, created The SkyLIFE Company.

The company was founded with the paramount goal of ensuring that people never have to endure the same suffering that thousands of unfortunate citizens of Haiti experienced.