Mr. Rohrbacher is a member of both its Board of Directors and its License Committee Member Committee. He has been involved in developing the SkyLIFE technology since its origin, providing legal representation to the chief inventor and the early manifestations of SkyLIFE. He also represented substantially all of the Company’s non-inventor investors. In September of 2013 he left the private practice of law to be able to devote more time to building SkyLIFE’s business, accepting senior status in the law firm, in which he had at various times been its founder, a partner and its president.

Mr. Rohrbacher spent the first phase of his legal career as a litigator, concentrating on products liability matters, including pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. As a young litigator, he was appointed chair of the ABA Committee on medical products liability litigation and was a chapter author in the Litigation Section’s Product Liability Trial Notebook.

In 1988, he was asked by an existing client to represent them in their role as managers in the leveraged purchase of a manufacturing company, the major shareholder of which was a venture capital firm. This experience led to his appointment as General Counsel to the manufacturing firm and to Mr. Rohrbacher obtaining an M.B.A. from the Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western Reserve University (“CWRU”), during which his emphasis was in finance.

Mr. Rohrbacher continued to have an active litigation practice which transitioned into the litigation of business disputes concerning corporate control and valuation issues. He also represented the US subsidiaries of foreign public companies in litigation, risk management and acquisition and divestiture activities. He also represented a number of successful and not-so-successful startup businesses.

Mr. Rohrbacher is lead author of SkyLIFE’s pending Private Offering Memorandum and is one of the primary architects of the Company’s financial and long term strategy planning. He is responsible for the development of the Company’s banking and investor relations and oversees the accounting and related functions of the Company.

Mr. Rohrbacher used to have hobbies and pastimes such as fly fishing. These have been subsumed into his effort to successfully launch The SkyLIFE Company, Inc., the most important activity of his professional career.

Mr. Rohrbacher is a graduate of Manchester College; The University of Toledo College of Law; and the Weatherhead School, CWRU. He is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, The Supreme Court of the State of Ohio and U.S. District Courts in N. District of Ohio and E. District of Michigan.