Board of Directors

The SkyLIFE Board of Directors consists of 9 members who have a wide range of knowledge, experience, and professions. These qualities enable the board to provide sophisticated governance for our rapidly growing and evolving company, by way of providing direction and advice to management and senior staff members as needed. Each board member is carefully chosen and is of vital importance to the SkyLIFE team. The board is led by chief executive Jeffery J. Potter, who may be contacted with any inquiries regarding the role and performance of management or the board.



Chairman, Founder & CEO

Mel Harbaugh-01.png

Melvin E. Harbaugh

Ray Medlin-01.png

George R. Medlin, Jr.

Dan Johnson.jpg

Daniel M. Johnson, PHD

Acting Secretary, License Committee Member

Don Harbaugh-01.png



Daniel K. Cassavar, MD, MBA, FACC

Jack A. Jones, P.E.png

Jack A. Jones, P.E.